Our Horses and our Students
Michio rides Dallas. He is from the Willoughby Learning Center in Martin County. Each Wednesday, a group of special students attend a Nature Speaks, Inc. workshop for two hours paid for by their benefactor, the Jerry and Janet Cohen Foundation. 
Kiara has a special moment with Shadow before riding her. Shadow is 29 years old and a rescue from the Pompano Beach standardbred track. She raced a short time but was used as a brood mare making lots of money for her owners having babies. After being left in a dirt field, she went to auction and was purchased from the kill pen by a nice family. 

She was eventually purchased by Rachel Ibarra. Shadow underwent hay impaction colic surgery in November 2017 and has been in perfect health since then. 

Kiara is a student at the Willoughby Learning Center in Martin County. She and Shadow share a special bond.  
Shadow, AKA Warning Whistle
Ozzi, AKA Osceola Wildfire
Ozzi, AKA Osceola Wildfire is a registered paint horse. He is a gelding who belongs to a private owner. Ozzi was originally rescued by his owner from a fire in which Ozzi was separated from his mother. That separation created a lifelong cribbing habit for Ozzi. He wears a collar to protect him from chewing on wood and sucking in wind. Ozzi is about 13 years old and he suffered through neglect and abuse at a boarding facility where he was not fed or cared for by his handlers. He got sick and injured several times but got a new lease on life when he moved to Nature Speaks, Inc. in February 2016. By August of the same year, Ozzi gained 400 pounds and began riding again. He does not sweat naturally and has some other medical problems, but he's a wonderful horse to ride. He loves children and has a special bond with many of our students. Ozzi is pictured having a special moment with Andy from the Willoughby Learning Center. 
Windy being ridden by her owner, Chelcie with Tracy Ibarra on Dallas. Windy is Shadow's offspring. She is 20 years old and a wonderful horse. She is half standardbred and half quarter horse. 
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